Dogsledding in the summer - season from June to August

As the only place in Greenland, we offer dogsledding in the summer. Feel the rush by sled dogs running across the glacier in the mountain landscape. Discover the driver's command signs and shouting while comfortably seated reclining on the sled and enjoy the creaking of the snow and the dogs breathing.The sledge ride takes place on Uunartuarsuup Sermia located in approximately 900 meters above sea level. Here are our service huts serving food and refreshments, it is also possible to stay overnight. The trip to the glacier takes place on foot. It takes about 2½ to 4 hours to get to the top, depending on your physical condition and temperament. The route takes in part, difficult terrain, where the climb some places is quite steep. Therefore, the trip is not for people who have difficulties with physics (especially hip and knee problems) and conditions such as diabetes and heart patients.Summer temperature is normally 10-15 degrees Celsius. You can rent warm sealskin clothes for adults to use for the sledding, price DKK 150, -



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