Weather conditions are all essential for all outdoor activities in Greenland, so be prepared to set departure times may be changed and even tours may be canceled due to weather conditions.

Vandretur til Qorlortorsuaq (Det store vandfald) ved Kuussuaq (Røde Elv)

Disko-øen er et bevis på den store vulkanske aktivitet, som er foregået for 55-65 mio. år siden. Det meste af ”den store ø”, som dens grønlandske navn Qeqertarsuaq betyder, består af mørke rødlige, høje og stejle basaltfjelde. På denne ca. 2 timers vandretur til Qorlortorsuaq, vil du få rig mulighed for, at opleve de vulkanske scenerier og det særprægede smukke vandfald.


Varighed:       1 – 2 timer

Sæson:          Juni – oktober

Deltagere:      Min. 4 pers.

Pris:               DKK 195,-

Hike to Kuannit - the place of angelica and basalt columns
Kuannit is rich in experiences. See where the lava where splashed up millions of years ago, and through rapid cooling has contracted and cracked into interesting lava sculptures in the form of basalt six-sided structure. The area around Kuannit is very lush with many different flowers and tasty angelica. Halfway seen right by the coast, a basalt column shaped like a drinking elephant is widely known as "The Elephant".

Duration:        3 - 4 hours
Season:         June - October
Participants:   Min. 4 pers.
Price:             DKK 275, -

Town walks
Guided sightseeing in Qeqertarsuaq, where you get an insight into the town's ancient and modern history.

Duration:       1 hour
Season:         All year
Participants:   Min. 5 pers.
Price:             DKK 220, -

Hike to Innaarsuussuaq
From the Arctic Station goes the trek north. After half an hour you reach the "Orpinnguit" (The small trees), on the site there are hot springs and beautiful views towards the sea and the wonderful scenery in the area. The hike continues over basalt landscape, to a mountain called "Eqqanaarfik" (Misery mountain), it is said that a woman who lost her husband in a kayak accident, climbed to the top of the mountain and shouted "Eqqanaq" (Oh, no). From there we head back to town.

Duration:      2 - 4 Hours
Season:         June – September
Participants:                       Min. 4 pers.
Price:             DKK 275, -

Hike to Qaqqaliaq (whale the lookout)
On this tour you will be guided out to Qaqqaliaq. In the old days, the whalers were on the lookout for whales, when observed a whale hoisted a flag to inform the townspeople that they can do the barge ready for whaling. Today, the hunters still go to watch for whales from there, and others who want to enjoy views the ocean and sea animals. If you are lucky, you can observe a whale from the site on your trip.

Duration:        2 - 3 Hours
Season:         All year
Participants:   Min. 4 pers.
Price:             DKK 220, -

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